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Get Summer-Ready with Our DIY Backless Dress Free Pattern: Easy Tutorial Inside!

Welcome summer with a fun sewing project – your own backless dress! Grab our free pattern, watch the step-by-step video, and enjoy crafting a trendy addition to your wardrobe. Perfect for both new and seasoned sewers, let’s get started on this enjoyable DIY adventure!


What You'll Need

Before beginning, collect these essentials:

lightweight summer fabric like cotton or linen, 1.5 meters should do

a sewing machine

matching thread



Access Your Free Pattern

Simply subscribe to our website to download your free backless dress pattern. It's straightforward and offers several DIY dress options. Once subscribed, download your pattern, remember to factor in seam allowance, and watch our video for a guide on adding it properly.

Pattern Assembly Basics

Print and piece together your pattern, aligning each section’s markings. Tape them down on a flat surface.

Add seam allowances – 1cm where the pattern is pink, 2cm where it's blue, ensuring a perfect fit. With the pattern ready, you’re all set to cut the fabric.

seam alloance summer dress free

Video Tutorial Overview

Our video tutorial will guide you clearly through every step. Learn how to lay out your pattern, transfer markings, and add seam allowances. We'll show you the sewing sequence to create a professional-looking dress. Get ready to sew confidently!